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An in-depth guide to the features and benefits of foster care center insurance.

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Foster Care Insurance

The importance of having foster care center insurance

Running a foster care center comes with a great deal of responsibility. The lives of children who need support and a safe home are at stake. Parents and guardians are also deeply connected to their journeys. The well-being of the children is a top priority. But the intersection of so many lives can make the experience complex, and challenging.

There is potential for things to go wrong.

For instance, your center may face legal action if a child is placed in an unsuitable home. On the other hand, if a foster parent or a social worker visits your agency, and sustains an injury on your premises, they may file a lawsuit seeking damages and medical compensation. Despite your best efforts, these events can take a financial toll on your foster care center.

Insuring your center can minimize the financial implications of unforeseen situations. This article explains how foster care center insurance can be beneficial for you, and how to go about choosing the right policy for your center’s needs.

Potential Risks  

Here are some common scenarios that can impact the operations of foster care centers:

  • A visitor to your center is badly injured. They need to be compensated for medical care, and ongoing therapy.
  • A board member is falsely accused of misconduct in a lawsuit. They seek payment for meeting the defense costs.
  • The center was vandalized overnight, resulting in the breakage of several laptops, computers, appliances, and furniture. They need to be repaired, or replaced.
  • An employee is attacked at the center by a parent who is under the influence of alcohol. The employee needs to be hospitalized, and compensated for medical bills and lost wages.
Foster care

Timely access to business insurance for foster care centers can help the entities in this domain cope with the financial implications of all possible incidents.

Relevant Categories For Foster Care Center Insurance

General Liability Insurance

Foster care centers may receive multiple visitors in a day. These can include children, volunteers, social workers, foster parents, members of any regulatory body, and parents and guardians of children. Having general liability insurance is important as it protects your agency in case of third-party lawsuits. For instance, if a visitor gets injured on your premises, they can file a claim for medical costs arising out of bodily injuries.

On the other hand, if a member/s of your staff or agency is responsible for damage to a third party's property, they can claim property damage. General liability insurance also covers claims of advertising injury such as libel and slander against a third party. This type of insurance can help you pay for defense costs, court fees, penalties and fines, and judgments/ out-of-court settlements.

Business Owner’s Policy

A foster care center is a physical space where important decisions are made about a child’s future. It needs to be a well-equipped space where all the center’s activities can be conducted, efficiently. However, there is scope for property to be damaged, disrupting operations.

A Business Owner’s Policy or BOP is a cost-effective, two-in-one policy that covers both general liability and commercial property insurance.

Damage due to fires, theft, lightning, vandalism, strong winds, and smoke are covered under BOP. It can help you pay for the repair or replacement of property such as appliances, electronics, furnishings, and the building itself.

If the property damage is extensive, you may need to halt operations for some time. In this case, an additional business interruption policy can help pay for rent, relocation costs, utilities, and other basics, during the renovation period.

Directors And Officers Insurance

Board members and directors of foster care centers make important decisions that affect the lives of children and the future of the center. This responsibility also makes them vulnerable to external lawsuits. For instance, claims such as the mismanagement of funds or inability to perform their obligations can be brought against them by external parties.

Directors' and officers' insurance can provide liability protection to board members and directors. It can help pay for defense costs and related expenses. Without insurance coverage, they would be forced to pay for the expenses from their own pockets, discouraging them from taking on such positions.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

This is a state-mandated insurance that supports foster care centers when employees sustain injuries and illnesses in their place of business. Workers' compensation insurance can help pay for hospitalization, medical care, ongoing therapy, and lost wages.

It also offers a death benefit, which covers funeral expenses and financial support to the family of the deceased. Additionally, foster care centers can also take on employee liability insurance, which helps pay for litigation costs, if an employee sues them.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Your foster care center may own or rent vehicles used for transportation. Commercial auto insurance helps cover accident-related costs such as medical expenses, damage due to physical collisions, and accidents with uninsured motorists. Non-collision damage caused due to theft, vandalism, fire, or impact involving any other object, is also covered.

Cost Of Foster Care Center Insurance

Several factors determine the cost of your policy. When accepting foster care center insurance quotes, here is what you need to consider:

  • The number of children in the center's care
  • Number of foster homes on the roster
  • The number of rented or owned vehicles
  • Size of your staff
  • Safety status and weather conditions in the neighborhood
  • The footfall of social workers, volunteers, and visitors to the center

Key Takeaway

Business insurance for foster care centers is an important investment towards the safe, sustainable, and cost-effective running of foster care centers. Your agency can partner with a savvy, experienced insurance provider such as InsuranceAdvisor to help you cope with the unique challenges and needs of the foster care system. Backed by a team of licensed agents who help businesses find the right coverage for their business, InsuranceAdvisor can assist you in choosing a relevant, holistic insurance policy, and getting cost-effective foster care center insurance quotes. Visit the Insurance Advisor blog, or our website to find customized solutions for your insurance requirements.

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