Strategies to Differentiate Your Brand and Own Your Industry
By Insurance Advisor Team
Strategies to Differentiate Your Brand and Own Your Industry

In today’s competitive world, standing out from the crowd is essential. But the question is, “If you’re not the first in your industry, then how will you differentiate your company from the other businesses that provide the same thing?” No Idea??? Don’t worry, we have figured out some creative ways of distinguishing your brand from others in your industry.


What is Brand Differentiating?

In simple words, you can say that your brand is set apart from the competition by highlighting a superior-performing aspect of your brand with multiple customer benefits. People also say that it’s critical from a marketing perspective, but it also has far-reaching broader business implications.

Moreover, it isn’t something companies find, it is something that companies create to stand out from the industry crowd. It begins with discovering what makes a brand relevant and emphasizing those aspects and relating them to the customers' emotions. This has the potential to do the following things for your brand:

  • Boost your brand recognition
  • Increase your brand loyalty
  • Increase your brand advocacy
  • Helps your brand stand out from the industry crowd

Essentially, in business terms, brand differentiating means a brand has found a positive way to be different from others in the same industry. Below are key components that will help find that differentiator.

  • Values
  • Stories
  • Experiences
  • Exclusivity
  • Mascots/personas/characters

Do you know what a differentiator is made of?

It is made of three major things, which are relevancy, proof, and authenticity. Let’s read them in brief.

Relevancy: It is the most basic and most crucial part of the differentiator. It helps in knowing if your brand offers a meaningful and valuable solution or not. Also, it checks whether you are evoking emotions and connections that will support growth.

Proof: To convince potential customers that your product, service, or perspective is superior, your brand or strategy team must thoroughly understand the competition by doing proper research, data, and analysis.

Authenticity: Knowing your brand well is essential to ensure your audience can connect with an honest and trustworthy voice.

Why brand differentiator is so valuable to innovative brands

As you all know, customers don’t value those brands that sell the same items and don’t even provide them new solutions. It makes them believe that such companies are easily interchangeable and can cause price wars among brands. As a result, undercutting your competitor’s prices leads to lower net profit for you.

Clear, valuable, and unique selling points will help your brand to build an army of loyal customers. They will love your brand from their heart, along with a positive user experience and values. Hence, it’s essential to thoroughly analyze your potential clients to reveal their needs, wants, and problems. So that way, you can create your brand strategy successfully.

Also, let’s find out other ways to make your brand strategy successful.

Deliver unique customer support

Investing in excellent customer support is key to long-term business success. Excellent customer service and experience starts with your employees. When your employees are happy, your customers will automatically be satisfied.

Many companies spend millions of dollars to ensure that their clients and customers have an unforgettable experience. It’s an excellent way to change the customer experience and the way they think about the company.

Luckily, here you have a few ways to create a great customer experience strategy for your brand.

  • Create a clear experience vision plan
  • Understand who your customers are
  • Create an emotional connection with them
  • Capture real-time customer feedback and act on it
  • Use a quality framework for the development of your team
  • Measure the ROI from delivering a great customer experience

Become an innovator

Becoming an innovator can be a key brand differentiator. You can either create a new and unique product or service. Else you can optimize and improve the existing one. To do that, you need to research the industry and development to understand your audience's pain points, needs, and preferences. Those brands that bring innovations to the market get success, trust, and a remarkable experience.

These are the three keys to sustained business success through getting better and producing the best:

  • Creating value
  • Brand loyalty
  • Non-price competition

Build and show your expertise

If you have any expertise, show it to your audience. Because if two different people are offering the same product or service, the audience will get confused, but whoever shows more expertise will be the one whom they will choose. So, understand that customers like to choose the one who has more experience and knowledge. To do that, consider the following methods:

Private insurance companies provide simpler and more intuitive quote processes. Many private flood insurers can provide you with an online quote, and you can adjust your buildings and contents coverage as you go and see how it will affect your policy in-the-moment. These companies may provide a more beneficial user experience and interface through the layout of their website than the NFIP security systems portal. Essentially, it may be simpler and quicker to get a flood insurance policy quote via the internet than in-the-office.

Disadvantages of Private Flood Insurance

Guest Blogging is a great way to share and show your expertise, as many readers might be interested in a specific topic related to your brand. Also, ensure that it is done apart from your website branding blog.

Giving reference to other experts will increase the chances of brand publicity, and your content will also seem more authoritative.

Using PR for your brand with a well-crafted true story will attract the audience. Publish your brand story on the news or other media outlets. It will show your genuine authenticity for your customers and audience.

Tell your brand story

Telling your brand’s authentic story will attract the audience and help your brand identity because you have a rich history, struggle, and triumph to share with them. Consider storytelling because it is a large part of human history. It brings people together in different ways that other methods can’t.

Moreover, the most successful brands have a relatable story told uniquely and creatively. So to build your story to connect in similar ways, read the below points.

  • Highlight all your struggles and obstacles  
  • Demonstrate your positive characteristics in a timeline
  • Show how you overcome your past obstacles
  • Add a timeline of your plans and how you’ll overcome obstacles in the future

Price Differently

As a differentiation strategy, make sure the price of your products differs from those of your competition. You can charge and receive a premium price by using many different brand differentiation strategies. Depending on your budget, you can choose a budget-friendly bestseller or a premium brand at a high price. So here are some price differentiation strategies that will help you:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Cost-Plus Pricing
  • Demand Pricing
  • Discount Pricing
  • Economy Pricing
  • Geographic Pricing
  • Penetration Pricing
  • Price Bundling
  • Price Skimming
  • Psychological Pricing

Appeal to emotions

It is a way of marketing that is known as emotional marketing. It’s a process of forming a relationship with the audience or customers and a product or brand by provoking their emotions. Consumers will undoubtedly remember such a brand and come back for more because they don't sell products but experiences. For example, Apple makes its clients feel they belong to something huge by selling their products with their own ecosystem. The same is with Coca-Cola. It is associated with happiness, joy, and holiday.

Here are essential types of emotional appeal ads:

  • Personal
  • Social
  • Humor
  • Fear
  • Sexual
  • Romantic
  • Endorsement
  • Youth

Solve problems and pain points

Come up with a concentrated niche offering like an exceptional quality that your competitors didn’t provide. Customer acquisition is one of the significant business problems. So creating a brand position and identity helps brands to differentiate their business from their competitors. For example, today, you can get custom t-shirt designs made quickly but getting lingerie according to your measurements is difficult. So, someone came up with this idea and created a better product.

Highlight what makes you great!!

So, now you know the meaning, tools, and strategies to stand out, and it’s time to make things happen. You never know, someone out there could be waiting for your brand to get exposed, and they might not know. Thus, stand out in your own way so that you can reach your audience and offer them solutions to their problems.

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