Losing Customers: Why does it happen in your business?

By Insurance Advisor Team
Losing Customers: Why does it happen in your business?

You may be surprised to learn that many small business owners lose customers within three years. So, to beat those odds, here are some common mistakes one should avoid to retain customers.



You will learn why your business is losing its customers with these tips.

1. Not getting creative and innovative

One of the most fantastic ways to draw your customer’s attention is to be genuine. With the help of creativity and innovation, people will start recognizing your brand as soon as they see it. If you're not using innovative methods to showcase your business authenticity, you can expect your customers to flock to your competitors who have been extra inventive with their marketing message.

2. Leaving out customer surveys

You will lose your customers if you don't read and respond to their feedback and survey responses. It is essential to learn what is and is not working for your clientele through surveys. Use the information gained to fine tune your operations and pleasantly surprise your clients that your business actually listened!

3. Long wait time for deliveries

Slow delivery or inconvenient delivery cause customer loss. Make the delivery process convenient for customers by setting up a system. Several methods are available for delivery. Some are faster and expensive, while some are cheap and slow. So, give your customers the quickest option by arranging an express delivery. You're solving someone's problem, and that's always important.

4. Bad customer service

Your customers’ experience largely depends on your employees. Providing opportunities in your business where employees can be recognized and rewarded will motivate them as well. Flexible work schedules, remote work capability, work social events, regular evaluations with cost of living and incentivized pay increases all lead to a happy workforce. You can’t have happy customers with an unhappy staff, the equation doesn’t add up.

Don’t disappoint your clients

The slightest appeal to a consumers' desire can sometimes cause them to leave a brand. For example, let's say a customer feels they have everything under control, so the last thing they want are surprises like a canceled meeting or a price hike. You can't control everything when it comes to your customers' experiences, but you can take steps to ensure those surprises aren’t last minute.

Final thoughts

Additionally, there are as many reasons as to why customers leave as there are customers. It will be a constant struggle to retain clients, but it can be done. Just remember to keep your customers at the forefront of all operations. Keep your employees happy, track your results, stay current on market trends, keep improving your technology and you should have no problem.

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