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Worker’s Compensation Insurance pays for all state mandated benefits, including medical expenses, a percentage of lost wages, replacement services for daily self- care, and even household chores if the employee is unable to provide for themselves. Most states include Employers Liability coverage in the Workers Compensation policy. Employers' liability protects the employer from lawsuits claiming an employee’s injury occurred due to the negligence of the employer.

1. Trucking firm’s employee hits an icy spot on the interstate and slides into a vehicle which then hits the vehicle in front of them and so on.  Multi-vehicle pile-up, many people injured and vehicles damaged. The trucker's liability limit of $1,000,000 is exhausted quickly, luckily this trucking firm had a $25,000,000 Umbrella.

2. Manufacturer's rechargeable battery component, in the laptop computers they build, is defective. The batteries can cause the laptops to catch on...Read more

⇒ Injury from slips and falls on owned or rented premises.

⇒ Property damaged during work performed.

⇒ Foodborne illness from eating at a restaurant.

⇒ Faulty work or product which causes bodily injury or property damage.

⇒ You place an advertisement in a publication and unknowingly use a logo that is trademark protected.

Ask yourself, what does my business have to lose? Consider your business’s operations,  gross revenue, payroll, business-owned assets, cash in the bank, employee competency, customer base, when you start to think about what limit is enough. These factors influence the general liability insurance premium charged by the insurance company. If, after you assess these aspects of your business and find you need assistance, please call to talk with one of our licensed agents. 

Most...Read more

Any business that owns business property such as a building, stock/inventory, equipment, office furniture, computers, and supplies needs this type of insurance. The owner of an IT office with several computers and office supplies can purchase the insurance to protect the office contents. Other small businesses like restaurants and retail stores can buy Commercial Property Insurance policies for protection against unavoidable perils.

⇒ Property Damage

  1. A client comes with their laptop to your office for a meeting. An employee’s glass of water spills on the laptop and causes a hardware malfunction. The client sues your company for a new laptop and the lost data.
  2. Your restaurant is damaged from a hurricane, blowing off the roof and causing significant damage to the furniture and kitchen appliances. You are out of business for 6 months.

⇒ Bodily Injury

  1. The child of a customer slips on the wet...Read more

Typically small to mid-sized, low risk “main street” ventures are considered for this type of insurance. Different insurance companies have different eligibility guidelines, some may limit the number of employees, others will put limits on revenue or payroll. Some automatically include business income coverage, some require you to purchase this valuable coverage as an endorsement.

Retail stores, business, and medical offices, some classes of artisan contractors (electrical,...Read more

Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) provides comprehensive coverage of general liability and commercial property insurance at reasonable premiums. ABOP essentially bundles basic insurance coverage for the small business owner. The property insurance of BOP covers damage to real and personal property caused by perils such as fire, wind, theft, explosions, and vandalism to name a few. Liability protection coverage under BOP covers claims of bodily injury, personal injury, and property...Read more