General Liability Insurance

Ask yourself, what does my business have to lose? Consider your business’s operations,  gross revenue, payroll, business-owned assets, cash in the bank, employee competency, customer base, when you start to think about what limit is enough. These factors influence the general liability insurance premium charged by the insurance company. If, after you assess these aspects of your business and find you need assistance, please call to talk with one of our licensed agents. 

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Certain niches and industries require more coverage than others. All businesses should have general liability however it is up to the owner to determine their business’ operations and potential risks. The owner may decide nothing can ever go wrong and not purchase this coverage, which may force the business to close in the event of a lawsuit. Ask yourself, what is the worst thing that could happen with my business and remember, accidents do happen.

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A certificate of insurance is a “snapshot” of your basic insurance coverage and limits as of the date the certificate is issued. It is requested from business to provide evidence of your insurance to a third party, potential client, or governmental entity.   

⇒ Injury from slips and falls on owned or rented premises.

⇒ Property damaged during work performed.

⇒ Foodborne illness from eating at a restaurant.

⇒ Faulty work or product which causes bodily injury or property damage.

⇒ You place an advertisement in a publication and unknowingly use a logo that is trademark protected.