Umbrella Excess Liability

What are some examples of Umbrella or Excess Liability claims?

1► Trucking firm’s employee hits an icy spot on the interstate and slides into a vehicle which then hits the vehicle in front of them and so on.  Multi-vehicle pile-up, many people injured and vehicles damaged. The trucker's liability limit of $1,000,000 is exhausted quickly, luckily this trucking firm had a $25,000,000 Umbrella.

2► Manufacturer's rechargeable battery component, in the laptop computers they build, is defective. The batteries can cause the laptops to catch on fire.  One client’s computer caught on fire in the middle of the night, burning down his house and injuring his family. The manufacturer’s product liability in the primary general liability of $1,000,000 was not enough to pay the jury awarded a judgement of $5,000,000 to the family. The manufacturer had also purchased a $10,000,000 umbrella which paid the additional amount of judgment.

3► A demolition contractor takes a job to renovate an older building that has asbestos present. He sends his crew to start tearing out walls & fixtures, without providing any type of personal protective equipment as he also is unaware of the asbestos. The employees later get very ill, with breathing issues, pulmonary distress, and the beginning manifestation of lung cancer all caused by the exposure to asbestos. The employees sue the employer for gross negligence and win. The $1,000,000 employer liability limit included on the worker's compensation policy is not enough to pay the awarded damages. An Umbrella policy would contribute to pay the rest of the damages in this type of situation.