Business Owner's Policy

What are some common BOP claims?

⇒ Property Damage

  1. A client comes with their laptop to your office for a meeting. An employee’s glass of water spills on the laptop and causes a hardware malfunction. The client sues your company for a new laptop and the lost data.
  2. Your restaurant is damaged from a hurricane, blowing off the roof and causing significant damage to the furniture and kitchen appliances. You are out of business for 6 months.

⇒ Bodily Injury

  1. The child of a customer slips on the wet floor of your restaurant. The customer sues you for a huge amount claiming the child was severely injured and there are numerous medical bills.
  2. Your restaurant client claims they got food poisoning after eating in your restaurant saying your meal was to blame. The customer who was sick for days and lost time at work hires an attorney and you receive a demand letter for $100,000.

⇒ Lost Revenue

  1. There is a fire in your retail shop and you are unable to return to business as usual. You have no source of income to rent out another space to resume operations you have Business Interruption Insurance, you can submit a claim for renting a temporary space to get back to business.